Alfred Brings You Billboard Top 100 Hits for your Pep Band!

Book Cover ScanParty in the U.S.A.
Words and music by Claude Kelly, Lukasz Gottwald, and Jessica Cornish [Miley Cyrus] / arr. Victor López

Here is Miley Cyrus' 2009 megahit in a terrific arrangement by veteran writer Victor López. This one has a great “hook,” and will be a party tune favorite for your marching or pep band everywhere.

Grade 3 (00-33804)...$50.00

Book Cover ScanGet Off of My Cloud
Words and music by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards [Rolling Stones] / arr. Jerry Burns

Get your crowd rockin' with this great new Jerry Burns arrangement of the hit made famous by The Rolling Stones. A great stands tune year after year!

Grade 1 ½ (00-33762)...$40.00

Book Cover ScanLivin' la Vida Loca
Words and music by Robi Rosa and Desmond Child [Ricky Martin] / arr. Mike Story

Everyone will remember this hot Latin tune from Ricky Martin. This arrangement captures all of the fire and drive of the original in a new and exciting easy chart. It sizzles!

Grade 2 (00-33775)...$45.00

Book Cover ScanDown
Words and music by Dwayne Carter, Kamaljit Jhooti, Robert Larow, Jeremy Skaller, and Jared Cotter [Jay Sean] / arr. Doug Adams

The 2009 #1 hit from Jay Sean can now be a #1 hit with your marching or pep band. Doug Adams has crafted a very solid arrangement that any band can handle, and the strong scoring will make any band sound great!

Grade 2 (00-33772)...$45.00
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Classical Music for Marching Band?
By Patrick Roszell,
Alfred Marching Band Writer

Artist Pic

Some purists in the band world just rolled their eyes so far back in their heads that we heard a collective thud.  A few of my former teachers would argue that the only place for “The Classics” are symphony hall or in the symphonic band/wind ensemble literature.  However, a point made to me many times by my first arranging and composition teacher, who incidentally, was a classically trained oboist with degrees from the Eastman School of Music, was that more people see marching bands in the course of their lives than they will ever see a symphony orchestra, a wind ensemble or a symphonic band.

We live in a culture that loves football!  Both of my alma maters, the Jacksonville State University “Marching Southerners” and the Troy University “Sound of the South,” have very fine marching programs.  Each group has membership well over 300 and both perform for hundreds of thousands of people each fall either at football games or at marching band contests as the exhibition band. If one of these ensembles played “Carmina Burana” (both have) or “A New World Symphony” by Dvořák, how many people would hear these spectacular pieces for the first time and realize they like something they had never heard before?

If we are to truly educate our audience as well as entertain them, doesn’t classical music make sense for the marching field?

2009 Best Sellers

2009 Top MP3 Downloads

Hot N Cold
arr. Doug Adams...(00-31640)
The Dark Knight
arr. Victor López...(00-31663)
Any Way You Want It
arr. Ralph Ford...(00-31660)
Halo Theme
arr. Ralph Ford...(00-24929)
Immigrant Song
arr. Ralph Ford...(00-31664)
Superman Opener
arr. Mike Story...(00-26957)
Play That Funky Music
arr. Mike Story...(00-31643)
Raiders March
arr. Mike Story...(00-26961)
James Bond Theme
arr. Mike Story...(00-31649)
American Idiot/Boulevard of Broken Dreams
arr. Victor López...(00-24928)

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